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The two of you are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your lives. We want to help you remember those first steps for a lifetime.

The next few months will be filled with exciting and precision planning for your most joyous celebration. You will be overwhelmed with choices such as your dress, the banquet hall, the florist, the photographer, the Mandap, the cake, just to mention a few. With so much yet to do and so much to do the day of your wedding, you need to have experienced professionals working with you to make sure each and every detail is just the way you planned.

It is generally recommended that you confirm your choice of reception entertainment as soon as you have finalized your decision for the reception site. Since the better entertainers often book quickly, up to a year or more in advance, it is best not to delay this important decision. We hope to show you why Exclusive Entertainment ( A.K.A. DJ Bally International) should be your first choice in professional quality and experienced wedding planning and entertainment!

Your Wedding Photographs and Video...

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event but the photographs and video will last for generations. Selecting the right person to organize and execute your perfectly planned day is just as important as selecting the right person to capture those memories. Perhaps more so, because aren't your memories likely to be more special if your day is organized and flows just as you had planned it in your wedding dreams! At Exclusive Entertainment we do just that. We spend time getting to know you, your style and details of your dream wedding. We pay attention to detail and help create the memories for your wedding photographer and video to capture!

Why choose The Exclusive Entertainment s to perform at your wedding?

At Exclusive Entertainment we believe that stressing over the details should not be your biggest concern or even any part of your wedding day. We feel it is more important that you be free to experience all the joy, love and emotion this day will bring. You can only do this when you know you are working with professionals who care!

Let the knowledge and experience of a world class wedding MC/ entertainer work with your family, friends, banquet captain and other vendors you have selected, to direct the entire production of your reception. We have performed at so many high end weddings. We know we have to stay two steps ahead, so that everyone knows what to expect. Should someone not be ready to do their part, we can work around the difficulties, so that neither you nor your guests will know that something was skipped. To us, its all just part of our job, not just to play music and entertain, but to make your wedding dreams become reality.

We're great to work with...

You'll love our style. No hassles, period. To our s working your wedding is going to be fun! The more fun we all have, the better you look in the photographs. We work quietly in the background to create the organized atmosphere and excitement of your special day. We're professional entertainers and the experience has given us the know how to work with even the toughest photographer, video, clergy, and reception halls. We want to help ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. Read what past clients have to say about us.

Our Entertainers are innovative...

While maintaining the highest traditions of entertainment creativity and craftsmanship, we're constantly updating our skills and also working with the latest in technology, from digital audio to digital video presentations. If you wish, we'll even design a "virtual photo album" for you and display it on your own private internet page! Friends and relatives can now view photos online!

A Day To Remember...

It's a once in a lifetime chance to create fun and excitement on your special day. Months of preparation and planning precedes just this one short day and it will pass by so quickly as if only a dream. Consider having one of our entertainers help plan and execute your day exactly the way you want it. Your Photographer and Video will love us, because they will capture what we helped create, exactly what you want to remember, the magic, the emotion, the unique story... of your wedding day. We'd love to meet with you and hear all about your grand plans! Please call to arrange a visit. We'd be happy to listen to your ideas and suggestions. We will be proud to show you our video demo of actual wedding receptions where we have performed.

Ten Ways to Increase the Amount of Dancing by Aladdin (Tarak Patel)

1. The best advice I can give you is to call Balvinder and have a one-on-one. Balvinder has the experience and knowledge and truly enjoys helping clients plan their special day!

2. Most importantly, have a good time yourselves! Your guests will take their lead from the two of you! If they see you dancing and having a good time, they will too! It really does work this way!

3. Have the house lights turned down, especially at an afternoon reception and summer ones where the dancing starts before it’s dark outside and your hall has a lot of windows! Guests do not like to dance in a room where it’s too light! It makes them feel uncomfortable! Think Nightclubs…they are the professionals at getting patrons to dance and they make sure it’s dark because they know that it helps encourage people to dance! So have the hall manager dim the lights, pull the drapes, whatever they need to do to make the room sufficiently dark for dancing!

4. Don't expect your guests to dance on carpet! If your hall is all carpet and does not have a tile, or wooden dance floor etc, consider renting a portable dance floor…you’ll find them in the yellow pages under "Party Supplies" or "Rental Equipment". To a lesser extent, for outdoor weddings, guests don't like dancing on rough concrete. Just something to keep in mind!

5. Be flexible with your music! Allow the to read the crowd! Trying to program the entire evening’s music by choosing too many songs really never works…you need to allow for guests’ requests and what the sees is going over at the event! The receptions that work out best are the ones where the customer picks 1/3 of the songs, and the rest are guests’ requests and what the decides is working!

6. Use Party Props. Things like YMCA hats and Blues Brothers hats and glasses go a long way to adding a lot of fun to the event!

7. Book extra hours of dance music! If you have a 4 hour reception, by the time the dinner and all the formalities are done, there’s not much time left to really get the crowd going! In many cases, an extra hour of music will literally double the amount of real dance time!

8. Make sure that dinner is served on time! If dinner is late or runs too long it can really throw the timetable off and there’s not enough time left for a lot of FUN!!!

9. Take all your photos at the wedding or before the reception! This one thing can make the biggest difference in the amount of time that you have for fun later!!!

10. If your best man or maid of honor are not shy (or anyone in your wedding party), ask them to get the dancing started…it can really help your shy guests to see them up there having a great time!!!

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Jan. 27 & 28th 07.

Hema & Kiran

Sangeet/Garba Night at the Palace Restaurant in Norcross, GA
Wedding & Reception at the Hilton North West, Norcross, GA.

"Dear Bally,
We both would like to commend you in caring out a very professional set up at the Sangeet Night, Wedding and Reception.

You did a fantastic job of setting up everything in time and without problems.
The sound system was excellent and adequate with all instruments and speakers with added light effects.
Your choice of music was great and everyone enjoyed dancing at all the occasions, especially the Dandiya Ras at Sangeet Night.
People were very impressed with your professionalism and I appreciate your handling the flow of events at the Reception during dinner.

All our guests were happy and enjoyed the music.

Anita and I were very pleased with your service and overall performance.

Thank you for making our daughter's wedding a success and being a part of it from start to finish.

Sincerly, " - Jitendra & Anita Chavda (Brides Parents), Suwanee, GA