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Dec. 22nd & 23rd, 04.
Amit & Pina Patel
Garba at Bert Ferguson Park, Germantown, TN.
Wedding & Reception at the Woodlands Country Club, Germantown, TN.

"This is Amit Patel from Memphis, TN. I just wanted to thank you for an exceptional job you did
for all events during our wedding. You made such a great impression with me and all the guest.

I really think that much of the success and fluidity of the events is because of you! I would like to have your mailing
address so I can send a note of our experience and to compliment you on your masterful work.
Please feel free to show this letter and give my contact info to anyone considering your service.

A thousand thanks!" - Amit & Pina
Memphis, TN

Click here to email: Amit & Pina

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